The Wharf

Located adjacent to Thames Wholesale Fisheries, this rustic little cafe started its humble beginnings as a small cool store that was converted to become The Wharf to compliment the inclusion of fish n chips at the fish shop next door. The vision of enjoying a meal of fresh fish n chips with a cold beer and a nice glass of wine while overlooking the water was the focus of its creation.

There is indoor seating, an outdoor covered area as well as BBQ tables situated on the wharf which gives it an iconic kiwi feel. As well as enjoying your fish n chips here, the coffee house offers great coffee, cabinet food, an infamous mussel chowder, and a selection of cold drinks. As a licenced café it also offers a nice range of beers, pre- mixes and good wine all at reasonable prices. The Wharf is the only establishment in Thames with water views.

It’s a winning combination - Good Food, Great Coffee and a Stunning Location.

Call us: 07 8686828

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